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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

emma lael watching ni hao kai lan...the first time she's watched t.v. (we think) she sat for about 5 minutes then she was ready to play with her toys...she repeated everything kai lan would say
we ate at a irish pub last night for dinner..owned by a man from ireland...very good fish & chips...kinda tired of chinese food...she would imitate what kent was doing so when he'd drink she would drink...if he put one hand down she would do the same...she would laugh and laugh...her personality is so cute.

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  1. Cutie pie!! Khloe is such a little 'immitator' too! Love it!!

    Khloe also loved Ni'Hao Kai-lan... we brought the DVDs with to China and she watched them on our laptop before bedtime...and just like Emma, she copied the words. I know she loved that it had both Mandarin and English. The kids did get occasional TV at NewDay during PreSchool, but I know it was a treat.

    I can't get over how cute her haircut is on her... it looks so much 'thicker' like that. Khloe has VERY fine/thin hair, too. Emma is a hunny and it's been a treat to follow you along on this special journey of a lifetime.

    Enjoy every moment with your precious girl. God is good!! <><