Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

reddi wip

we've tried several "sweets" cream...frozen yogurt... emma lael will have nothing to do with any of it...i thought it would be fun to play with the reddi wip ..isquirted some in natalie's mouth...thinking emma lael would want some also..NO way...she wanted no part of it...natalie put reddi wip on her nose and on emma lael's nose...after playing around with the reddi wip she never did put any in her mouth to even try it...natalie ate enough for both of them ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving at our home is laid fancy dress attire sweat pants & jean are okay with us...use our normal dishes we use all the other days of the year...we lounge around most of the time family member to wish them a happy thanksgiving...if you can picture martha stewart thanksgiving go to the other end of the thought spectrum that's our thanksgiving ;)...we love it!
bah bah and emma lael started out the morning like they do every weekend reading the newspaper...emma lael had fun riding the 4 wheeler with gaga & nattie...pushing her stroller down the street (like we do every single day)at the dinner table she noticed immediately she didn't have her kiddy plastic plate she was all smiles pointing at her plate then pointing at my plate...she tried everything we served her and she ate it all...i think she liked her first thanksgiving or at least i hope so.
i wanted to get a photo of all 5 of us since i've not gotten one photo of all 5 of us since emma lael has joined our family...her are the reason's we don't have a family snap shot yet...kent hasn't taken a shower all day...garrett just shaved his head BALD natalie is having a bad hair day...happy thanksgiving to everyone love the sisler's

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sisterly advice...i have no clue what natalie was saying to emma lael but whatever it was emma lael expression says to me "are you kidding me"

Monday, November 22, 2010

what LoVe can & will do


from referral picture to now WOW what a difference...God knew on july 5, 2007 that we would be emma lael's parents...i often wonder what i was doing on july 5, 2007...i honestly can't tell you what i was doing what i can tell you is that God was orchestrating a something BiG for our family and newborn baby girl born in inner mongolia, china...God doesn't call the equipped He equips those He calls
november is national adoption month...pray for all the 147 million orphans in the world who deserve a loving family...emmalael is no longer an orphan she is our DAUGHTER...thank you Jesus for chosing us to be her parents even after 63 days i still have to pinch myself to make sure this dream is real.

"This Is Home"

This is home
Now I'm finally where I belong
Where I Belong
Yeah, this is home
I've been searching for a place of my own
Now I've found it
Maybe this is home
This is home

mirror mirror

after her bath, hair dried & her teeth brushed i will stand her up and have her look in the mirror she always says "emmalaydeal pidty" my reply is yes you are very pretty emmalael


emmalael is tiny but she isn't tiny enough to ride this very tiny pink car...this is one of her favorite ways of getting around the house...she will say "emmalael driving emmalael car"...we just look at her and laugh ;)

nattie & i took her to the park yesterday she saw geese & ducks for the first time...the geese were a bit nasty to each other hissy and running after one another emmalael wasn't bothered by this poor behavior at all...we were pretending to be sleeping ducks with one leg up and one leg down she was laughing so hard while doing this her laugh is contagious and so LOUD!!!

CHIN ALERT....CHIN ALERT OH MY GOODNESS....the extra 10 chins i have in these photos shows i am almost smiles clearly shows i am 100% the happiest...luckiest mom in the world.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

nattie is going to be jealous

my aunt cindy sent me pink ugg boots today...can you believe it... i am only 3 and nattie is 15 and i have a pair of ugg boot and she doesn't...THANK YOU aunt cindy, uncle kevin, tj & sydney i love my boot :0)
my cousin sydney plays soccer at WKU! Go! Go! Go! WKU!!! thank you sydney for the t-shirt

emma lael enjoying the outdoors...this is a daily ritual spending as much time outside play...her other big highlight is doing to pick up nattie at school...FINALLY i got a picture of her mouth open talking...talking...talking and talking...i tell you she is the most verbal 3 year old i have ever been around in my entire attempt to open up the gate...main obstacle she is just about the same height at the gate handle is she never was able to open it...but she get's a A+ for trying...she played in the leaves was windy outside and i'd say "it is windy" she'd say "it is windeeng".

Sunday, November 14, 2010

celebration at church

today at church a rose was placed on the church altar to celebrate emmalael...we took emmalael to service today for the first time...she did really good...we read Jesus Loves Me book everynight...she will walk around speaking chinglish "esus yuvs me bybble yells tee sow" then she'll clap her hands and say "i yuv esus"

breathing...walking...talking MEGAPHONE

ga ga aka garrett came home from college...this is a BIG deal...emmalael loves when ga ga comes home...she was playing X-box with ga ga...she would intently watch ga ga to see what he would do with his fingers on the controller than imitate what he was doing...little did she know her controller wasn't plugged into the game...i honestly don't think she would of cared.
yesterday garrett said to me "mom emmalael is a breaking, walking, talking MEGAPHONE" that is the best description of her yet...she is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY loud...she talks NONSTOP... megaphone fits her perfectly.

emmalael went to her first birthday party...shiloh turned 3...hope (in purple dress) and emmalael were adopted at the same time...lee lee (in pink shirt) is hope's sister...the girls all had fun at shiloh's birthday party...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHILOH ;)

emmalael wearing a coat given to her by her sweet friend jilly...her favorite accessory black plastic glasses...can't go wrong with black and white ;)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

fall day

today is a great fall day...crisp wind...beautiful sunny sky...and my little emma lael enjoying her time outside.

forgot to put sisco's picture on with the other ching ching pictures...sisco is the sweetest big old bear.