Friday, November 5, 2010

lael???? leeal...lyel....layl...leyal

after 4 weeks of introducing emma lael...i've found out that
most people aren't familiar with the name lael
have never heard the name lael
when i say lael they don't hear lael they only hear emma
this beautiful name emma lael (in my option) has been a bit confusing for most...when we first began to talk to emma lael in china we only called her emma...the foster home she was in began to call her emma back in may when we were matched with her...i didn't want to confuse her initially adding lael to it...after all she's had 4 names wu li yun...addison (given to her by the foster home staff)...emma and now emma lael...poor kid she has to be confused...what i'm getting to is that we are now all calling her emma lael...yes, it is two words but both are her first name...i'm even confused, are you?
we filled out the paperwork this week to begin the re-adoption process to get her an american birth certificate...her birth certifcate will say Emma Lael Li's official Emma Lael...Emma Lael...Emma my option it is a BEAUTIFUL name and fits her perfect!


  1. I love the name and she IS beautiful! Blessings

  2. Agreed! Emma Lael is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. :)