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Sunday, May 30, 2010

magnificent may

may has been an exciting one for us all
5-6-10 DTC
5-11-10 matched with emma lael
5-12-10 LID
5-12-10 natalie's braces off
5-20-10 PA
5-23-10 garrett graduated from high school
5-27-10 garrett turns 18

this month has flown by with all the exciting events.
summer begins we can all relax
sleep in
enjoy our swimming pool
enjoy garrett being home before he goes off to college
get ready for our vacation to cozumel on june 9th

all good comes from God...He's been so faithful to our family to give Him the glory is truly what is important now & always.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


5-12-10 LID (log in date) we will travel to china in 5-6 months.


PA came this morning...we can now send emma lael a care package full of goodies...
4 more days until garrett graduates from high school WOW what a great week it's been.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Day Foster Home Rocks!

i found out last night that we will begin to skype once a week with emma lael...can you believe that???? i'm still in shock with this news...this means she'll be able to become familiar with us during the next 5 months before we travel to China to bring her home...a new video is on the new day blog site of emma lael she is so cute...to hear her voice...to see her in action is priceless.

we are now waiting on 2 documents PA (pre-approval) & LID (log in date) from the day we are logged in we will travel in 5-6 month that takes us to october/november time line...it's been 8 months since we began so 5-6 months will fly by.

kent comes home from work at night and he will ask "what did my baby doing today"

Thursday, May 13, 2010


we are still in shock with this great news...kent, natalie & i watched several videos of emma lael last night on the new day foster care web site...natalie already has her picture in a frame...new day foster home looks like disney world for these kids...they are all so happy, healthy & loved...we have prayed for months every single day that where ever & whoever our daughter was that she was in a foster home/orphanage that love her...she is very loved & very happy at new day the pictures & video show that very clearly.

as you know one of our fundraiser are the "emma wear" t-shirts & tanks i made one for emma lael (24 months size) to send her in her care package it is so tiny & cute.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it just feels RIGHT

in june of 2009 the hart family traveled to china for vacation...while in beijing they visited new day foster home...they met several children but one stood out they all fell in love with her...a tiny almost 2 year old little girl stole their hearts...they came home and told us all about china and this cute little girl that was at new day foster home...we've known about this little girl since june 2009...i get an phone call monday may 10, 2010 that they have a file that we possibly could be interested in...amy proceeds to tell me it is the little girl that they fell in love with last summer while in china...now tell me God hands aren't all over this adoption...you guessed it we are now adopting the little girl that our dear friends meet last june...we're so very very very very HAPPY...she's perfect.
her special need is called tetrology of fallot...means she was born with 4 heart defects...she had her first surgery november 2007 second surgery august 2008...she's a thriving 2 1/2 year old toddler...her nickname is "little peanut" she weighed 20# and is 33" tall...this is an american owned foster home that helps special needs children get there surgeries done while loving, nurturing & caring for these children until they are adopted...on the side of my blog you will see new day foster home i'd encourage you to visit their web site...our daughter on the web site her name is addison...this will be changed to emma lael ;0)
God has shown us that His plan is so much better then i could ever of imaged...i couldn't of made this story up it's so awesome...to have the opportuity to adopt this little girl in truly unbelievable we are still a bit in shock...God you Rock!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

emma lael li sisler

we are happy to announce we've been matched Yippee ;0) more details to follow in the coming days.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


DTC (dossier to china)...a huge step in the adoption paperwork process...next step LID (log in date)....then we can be matched with a child...we're hoping that we will get LID for this months shared list.

Before we know the need God knows the answer!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

memorable may

may is going to be a fun filled month

5.1.10 garrett's senior prom
5.12.10 natalie gets her braces off :0)
5.23.10 garrett graduates from high school
5.27.10 garrett's 18th birthday & natalie graduates from middle school
5.21-25.10 we will be matched with emma lael

what an awesome month may is going to be...we give all the Praise to God for the great blessings we look forward to this month.

Faith is a fire in your heart

we've been asked several times "Why are you adopting at your age?" my response has been "WHY NOT"...for those of you who know me you know that music is a tool that really speaks to my heart & soul...the song "give me your eyes" by brandon heath the verse from this song says it all for me.
i hope those of you who are still asking yourselves why are they adopting this will give you a glimpse what's inside my heart...my heart is on fire for orphanages in this world...if we can give one orphanage a loving christian home we will of made a difference...i'm not suggesting that everyone needs or should adopt but for us this has been a journey of many years...talks between kent & i since the day we were married in 1990...we had no idea we'd be 46 & 47 when we ended up adopting but we've always considered adoption.

God believes we're ready that's all we need to know.

give me your eyes for just one second
give me your eyes so i can see
everything that i keep missing
give me your love for humanity
give me your arms for the broken hearted
the ones that are far beyond my reach
give me your heart
for the one's forgotten
give your eyes so i can see

this is it...i will no longer post on "WHY" i will only post on bringing emma lael home and the journey that lies ahead for the sisler family.