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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it just feels RIGHT

in june of 2009 the hart family traveled to china for vacation...while in beijing they visited new day foster home...they met several children but one stood out they all fell in love with her...a tiny almost 2 year old little girl stole their hearts...they came home and told us all about china and this cute little girl that was at new day foster home...we've known about this little girl since june 2009...i get an phone call monday may 10, 2010 that they have a file that we possibly could be interested in...amy proceeds to tell me it is the little girl that they fell in love with last summer while in china...now tell me God hands aren't all over this adoption...you guessed it we are now adopting the little girl that our dear friends meet last june...we're so very very very very HAPPY...she's perfect.
her special need is called tetrology of fallot...means she was born with 4 heart defects...she had her first surgery november 2007 second surgery august 2008...she's a thriving 2 1/2 year old toddler...her nickname is "little peanut" she weighed 20# and is 33" tall...this is an american owned foster home that helps special needs children get there surgeries done while loving, nurturing & caring for these children until they are adopted...on the side of my blog you will see new day foster home i'd encourage you to visit their web site...our daughter on the web site her name is addison...this will be changed to emma lael ;0)
God has shown us that His plan is so much better then i could ever of imaged...i couldn't of made this story up it's so awesome...to have the opportuity to adopt this little girl in truly unbelievable we are still a bit in shock...God you Rock!

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