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Thursday, May 13, 2010


we are still in shock with this great news...kent, natalie & i watched several videos of emma lael last night on the new day foster care web site...natalie already has her picture in a frame...new day foster home looks like disney world for these kids...they are all so happy, healthy & loved...we have prayed for months every single day that where ever & whoever our daughter was that she was in a foster home/orphanage that love her...she is very loved & very happy at new day the pictures & video show that very clearly.

as you know one of our fundraiser are the "emma wear" t-shirts & tanks i made one for emma lael (24 months size) to send her in her care package it is so tiny & cute.


    I've been following New Day for several months :) You are so blessed that Emma Lael is there! How exciting!!!
    She is a beautiful little 'Peanut'.

  2. What a cutie!!!! Shiloh has a BFF!

  3. oh my, did you see the video today?
    I have a photo site of one of the interns if you would like it. several photos of the cutie!