Tuesday, May 31, 2011

meet moses

memorial day 2011:
someone "dropped off" this sweet little kitten....he had only been left for a few minutes before we picked him up....our friends watched a lady drop this sweet little guy off....moses is now a sisler ;0)...natalie & lynsey named him moses because moses was left and he was found! welcome moses

Sunday, May 29, 2011

garrett turns 19...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...we surprised him at work and brought a cake & lunch for everyone at the office...it was a great day for my boy ;0) hard for this mom to believe he's 19 years old.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

ladies of leisure

emma lael has taken to water like a little fish ;0) she can go under water....she can jump off the side of the pool (with mommy catching her) she can float on her back with her "santa" belly sticking up...so cute! she can kick with the best of swimmer in the sisler household...the swim instructor comes to the house june 8th for her private lessons for a week...she'll be ready for our summer vacation, i have no doubt.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

tow mater & lightning mcqueen are emma lael's side kicks....these 2 little cars go every place with her...as you can tell by the look at her face...she's one happy camper when her 2 buddies are with her

Thursday, May 19, 2011

emma lael and anna...they are 8 weeks apart in age....today they played outside on a slip n slide they had a ball....our pool is a bit chilly due to the cool weather we've had the past several days...with the weather increasing by 10 degree for the next couple days it will be warm again in no time.
bath nights are always full of laughs....silly hair do's and just plain oh fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


this is the most beautiful song i've ever heard...wanted to share the lyrics with those of you who read our blog...go to you tube and listen to it...she sounds like an angel and the words are AWESOME!! enjoy

by: laura story

we pray for blessings
we pray for peace
comfort for family
protection while we sleep

we pray for healing
for prosperity
we pray for your mighty
hand to ease our suffering

all the while you hear each spoken need
yet love is way to much to give us lesser things

what if your blessings
come through rain drops
what if your healing
comes through tears
what if a thousand
sleepless nights
are what it takes to know
you're near

what if trails of this
life are your
mercies in disguise

we pray for wisdom
your voice to hear
we cry in anger
when we can not feel
you near

we doubt your goodness
we doubt your love
as if every promise given
your word is not enough

all the while you hear
each desperate plead
the longer we have
faith to believe


when friends betray us
when darkness seems to
win we know the pain
reminds this heart that this
is NOT, this is NOT
our Home.


what if my greatest
were the aching of this life
is there revealing of
a greater thirst this
world can't satisfy.

and what if trails of this life
the rain that storms
the hardest nights
are your mercies in disguise.

pictures say it ALL....she ADORES this car....she carries it around and kisses it like a little girl would a baby doll (she does like dolls) but she prefers this pink car....as you see she put it in her grocery cart and she will put it in her stroller and take it for a stroll...she's not named the car, YET ;0) it won't be hard to believe the very first movie she's ever watched on DVD is Cars and ...her favorite toy is this pink van and three 99 cent matchbox cars....she will turn the wheels very methodical trying to figure out how they turn...she studies things very intensely for a 3.5 year old...i am not a girly girl... neither is natalie... God knew she was meant to be a sisler.

an old friend


this is payton she meet emma lael in june 2009 when she and her family visit new day foster home...she is the niece of my best buddy amy hart...payton painted the mural on emma lael's wall in her room last summer when we were getting her room ready.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

referral day brownies

i've yet to find emma lael's sweet tooth...for me this is a good thing i'm not the mama that likes her kids to eat "junk" food resulting in me being a "food snob" i've been told over the years by my kids.

when i made these brownies i kinda knew she wouldn't be interested....her facial expression says it all in this picture.
i said "emma lael do you want a brownie?"
she replied "emma lael no want"
i said "you might like it if you try it"
she said "no, thank you mama"
i said "how do you know you don't like it if you haven't tried it" i then put a brownie close to her mouth...she took a bite and said "emma lael no like"

her brother & sister were over the moon knowing we had sweets in the house ;0)...it is 24 hours later only 4 brownies are left on the plate....maybe i should of let me kids eat sweets more as they were growing up...just sayin ;0)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


as if today wasn't special enough being referral day....we went swimming today in our pool for the first time....the water was perfect (not really but i kept telling emma lael how warm the water was...hey, i got in and it was fine after a bit ;0) )....emma lael's new nickname is MINNOW she is a natural in the water...she does have a bit of fear which is nice because her big brother garrett was fearless in the water made for a very nervous mom when he was a toddler....it is 92 degrees today HOT a perfect day for a dip in the pool.

referral day

may 11, 2010 the phone rang in the morning...it was amy...she said lily has a referral of a little girl with a heart condition do you want to look at the file? she said it is addison from new day the little girl that we feel in love with while we were in china in june 2009... i said "yes" as soon as i opened up the file something inside me said "this is my daughter" i called kent to tell him he read the file as well....we told amy a couple hours later that we'd like to lock her file...we anxiously waited to hear form amy to see if lily was able to lock her for us...she did...so 1 year ago today we saw your sweet face....our lives have never been the same since...thank you God for choosing us to be emma lael's parents and family.

Monday, May 9, 2011

first day of gymnastics

emma lael had her first gymnastics class today....she was very curious initially not paying much attention to what the teacher was saying...she was more interested in her surrounding then the class...about 1/2 way through the class she began to participate and join the other kids in class...i realized very quickly i know NOTHING about gymnastics...the good news is she had fun and asked if she could go "flip" again tomorrow...jilly loaned emma lael her leotard to wear...jilly wore the leotard when she was 3 when she first started gymnastics...jilly just turned 10 and is an amazing gymnasts...who knows maybe the leotard will bring emma lael good luck ;0)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

they know me well

my kids know me well...evident by the perfect gifts they gave me today for mother's day....they all made me handmade cards MY FAVORITE is a handmade card....garrett bought me flowers....i always have fresh cut flowers in a vase in the house...emma lael made me a trivet with her hand print... i now have 3 tiny hand prints on the shelf....natalie gave me burt bees items....they took me to a very special place for brunch after church....organic food all grown in the community it was YUMMY....thank you kids for knowing me well...loving me perfectly and blessing me with your lives.