Saturday, May 7, 2011

one happy mom

as the day winds down i am thinking about how thankful i am for my children....i know today isn't mother's day but in away i feel like everyday is mothers day....what an HONOR to be a mother....truly a gift from God beacause God has allowed me to mother these 3 children....i know they are His children and i am very thankful that He has enough faith in me to do a good job with the children He has blessed me with.

kent & i always wanted 3 kids but we thought afer having natalie that we would not have 3 children....that was until 2009 when God clearly told us He was calling us to adopt....september 21, 2010 we officially became parents of 3 children....thanks God!

i was telling natalie today that when emma lael gets a bit older i'd like to celebrate her birth mom on mother's day also...we could have a special candle...cupcake i'm not sure to celebrate HER! but i want to celebrate her for the gift she has given us.

i have so many questions in my head about this women that i hold a very loving feeling for....i can only image the questions emma lael will have when she's old enough to think about her mom.

i prefer to call her mom...not birth mom...but my heart emma lael will always have 2 mom's....i am sure some may think that is odd but for me emma lael's birth mom is a part of me...i will never met her but she's still a part of me....she's the women who gave birth to OUR daughter.

i wish i could express myself better in words but i can't...i know how my heart feels and it is very JOYFUL & THANKFUL for my 3 children.

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