Wednesday, May 11, 2011

referral day

may 11, 2010 the phone rang in the was amy...she said lily has a referral of a little girl with a heart condition do you want to look at the file? she said it is addison from new day the little girl that we feel in love with while we were in china in june 2009... i said "yes" as soon as i opened up the file something inside me said "this is my daughter" i called kent to tell him he read the file as well....we told amy a couple hours later that we'd like to lock her file...we anxiously waited to hear form amy to see if lily was able to lock her for us...she 1 year ago today we saw your sweet face....our lives have never been the same since...thank you God for choosing us to be emma lael's parents and family.


  1. I didn't realize that your referral day was the SAME day we boarded a plane at MSP ~ Destination: CHINA!!! So as we were on our way to bring home our little girl, YOU were matched with your precious girl... both from the same wonderful place! How blessed we are that our daughter's were in the care of New Day while we waited to bring them home.

    Happy Referral Day!! We are both SO blessed! <><