Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Playing

after many months of trying to find a playground set for emma lael we finally found one...the issue was finding one that she could climb up the stairs on....with her being so tiny it was a bit difficult to find a set she'd be able to climb up was assembled this week and emma lael really enjoys it...i find myself outside all the time and i LOVE it...i am an outside kinda gal ;0) these days my house isn't as picked up as it once was.... i've learned to take on the "who cares"attitude i want to spend as much time with emma lael before she's driving (don't laugh...have you seen the commercial on t.v. when the dad is giving his daughter the car keys and what he sees is a little girl..when in reality she's a teenager) i can relate to that as natalie is now 15.5 and garrett will be 19 this month... kids grow up so fast! i want to cherish every minute with emma lael...looks like i will be spending quit a bit of time outside playing with emma lael on her new playground set, i can't wait!

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