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Thursday, February 25, 2010

photograph by natalie sisler

P- people can be chosen by looking at a simple photograph

H- hoping that you will get the child you have chosen

O- opening doors that would have never been opened without you

T- taking a jump of faith in a situation

O- optimistic is what you have got to be in this process

G- going for a dream together as one, for that one you want

R- recognize that what you are doing is going to be difficult

A- a child will be helped by what you are doing

P- photograph, remember that's how it all started, now a miracle has begun

H- having there dream being fulfilled by your one step of faith and choice. so, go for it ADOPT!

by: natalie sisler 2/2010

before the morning

most of you know how much music speaks & ministers to me...this is a song that i've heard multiple times...today while scrubbing the toilet ;)i stopped and really listened to the words...for the first time i feel that the pain i've been feeling will all make sense one day...isn't that cool ;)

before the morning by josh wilson

do you wonder why
you have to feel the
things that hurt you?

if there's a God who
loves you
Where is He now?

maybe there are things you can't see
and all those things are happening
to bring a better ending.
someday, somehow
you'll see
you'll see

would you dare
would you dare to believe
that you still have a reason
to sing
cause the pain that
you've been feeling it can't compare
to the JOY that's coming.

so hold on you gotta wait for
the light
press on and just fight
the good fight
cause the pain that
you've been feeling is just
the dark before the morning

my friend you now how this all ends
and you know where your going
you just don't know how you'll get there
hold on cause there's
a good reason for those who
love God

but life is not a snapshot
it might take a little time
but you'll see the bigger picture

one you feel the weight of glory
all your pain will fade to


Sunday, February 21, 2010


as i wait in anticipation for the match to the newest sisler member...it makes me think of when i was pregnant with garrett & natalie...prior to the 20 week ultrasound i often day dreamed and had so many questions....

my mind would day dream and wonder:

*will our baby be a boy or girl?
*will our baby have hair?
*who will our baby look like?(hopefully kent because he's a cutie pie ;)
*will they be overdue or will they come early (both came 4.5 weeks early)
*will our baby be born healthy..being a neonatal nurse it was my life seeing micro premature babies born as well as babies with significant special needs...will our baby be born premature or with special needs? this was common amongst nicu nurses after all when all you see is sick babies you think to yourself maybe my baby could end up in the nicu also...
i recall a conversation with my grandma ruby the conversation went something like this:
"andrea God may give you a baby with special needs because He knows you'll know how to care for him or her"
i replied "grandma i love my job but i'd rather have a healthy baby"
i remember working 12 hour night shift often wondering to myself why would i be fortunate enough to have a healthy baby? these parents aren't any different then me and they've had a premature baby or a baby with special needs...
yes, i ended delivering two premature babies...garrett & natalie both did wonderful had minor issues both came home with me from the hospital...with garrett the only reason they let him come home with me was...you guessed it...because the neonatologist i worked with said "andrea you can take care of him at home you know what to do"...so grandma ruby was right ;)
what i've come to understand is that pan yue was a premature baby...i thought i could fix her...heal her...make her head grow...consciously i know that isn't with in my realm of expertise that's in God's hands...
*will breast feeding be as easy as the book say?
*will my baby bond to me immediately?
*will i feel a love like no other? YES

as we wait for our daughter who will be classified in the adoption world at SPECIAL NEEDS...i feel lucky...fortunate...blessed...content...joyful...expecting...glowing.

what exactly does SPECIAL NEEDS mean?
a birthmark
heart defect
cleft palate
cleft lip
digit missing
limbs missing
downs syndrome
ear missing
blind the list goes on and on...God made every children with special needs perfect in His own image.

as i wait to have my adoption ultrasound... i have the same questions only this time i won't gain any weight ;) Yippee

Saturday, February 20, 2010

who is she

natalie & i made this blog last night in anticipation for the newest addition to the sisler family.

this is what we don't know:
who she is
what orphanage she's in
where in china is she from
what she looks like
what her special need is
how old she is

this is what we do know:
her name will be emma lael
God has hand picked her for our family
God's timing is perfect
God's plan is perfecti'm impatient and not good at waiting
november 2010 is a long ways away

em>we wait:
for a week
for a month
for several months

to be continued....