Thursday, April 28, 2011

sweet dreams

here she is "snug as a bug in a rug" ;) sweet dreams my little angel

big girl bed

emma lael is sleeping tonight for the first time in her BIG GIRL BED...that is what she calls it...she's slept twice in it for naps and tonight she wanted to sleep in it all night....she said "mama jilly can have her crib back" i have no doubt she'll not ever be in a crib again.


last night we had tornado's, thunderstorms and winds at unbelievable speed....we spent awhile in our closet (we don't have a basement) with a flash light....a very scared 15 year old sitting next to me while i was holding emma lael...praying and asking God to please protect us....He did protect us i am very thankful....i am sad to hear about all the devastation and the lives that were lost in GA and AL. it is such a helpless feeling to sit in your closet knowing there is NOTHING you can do to protect your children from the weather outside...i did have peace knowing that God would be with us not matter what the reminded me that we need to be ready for what life throws are prayer today is that everyone will know Jesus and give there lives to Him forever...after all, i image those who died in this horrible storm didn't think when they woke up yesterday that it would be the last day they'd spend on earth.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Beautiful Girls

what can i say....BEAUTIFUL natalie and emma lael

Fun on the Farm

emma lael went on her first field trip with her pre school class today...they went to the country farm...she rode a horse...fed the goats....went on a hay ride....saw bunnies, scottish cows (nothing like american cows), lama's....chickens....then they had a picnic snack on a blanket....emma lael had so much fun with her classmates and meeting the farm animals ;0)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

picture taken by natalie of emma lael's tiny hand on her bike

New life

we have several bird houses around our yard....emma lael and i have found several babies all "snuggled" inside our bird houses...we have the "Church family" they are in the church bird house and the "Cottage bird family" they are in the cottage bird house...we sit in our chairs and watch the mommy bird bring food to her babies...they babies are "LOUD MAMA" emma lael will say...i explain to her that mommies feed babies so they will grow up and be strong....i feed her yogurt in the evening....i hold her close and feed her yogurt....i love this time with her....we went on a bird watch today she had her back pack on and she said "mama i am looking high in the sky for birds" she sees everything in FULL color that is the best way i can describe how she see things....this weekend we found a turtle, snake, frog (in our pool) and a lizard...garrett asked her if she wanted to touch the snake she said "no, thank you emma lael okay" i love this girl!

He is Risen!

He is Risen!
Praise God!
We LOVE you Jesus!

Sidewalk Art

natalie still loves to create with sidewalk chalk....she can sit on the concrete and draw pictures for hours on end....when we first brought emma lael home she didn't like to get the chalk on her hands so she wouldn't draw with natalie...that has changed....she now enjoys drawing with chalk with her big sister....her favorite thing to draw are circle...yes, i said circles she can draw a very good circle ;0)...just in case you can't read what the big chalk drawing says it say: My World In His Hands it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Emma Lael enjoyed her first Easter egg hunt today...she wasn't sure what to do at first...i told her to look for the eggs then put them in her basket....she collected 2 egg and she was thrilled with the 2 eggs she found...two girls in her class, lily kate & eleanor (adopted when they were infants from china) have became good friends to emma lael...we have enjoyed getting to know them....all 3 girls will be together next year in 4 year old pre school! i can't wait to see her face on Sunday when she gets her easter basket....kinda hard to buy things for a basket when you know your child doesn't like candy....she loves opening the eggs looking at the prize/candy then closing it again...gotta love a girl who loves simplicity.

a flash i watched emma lael hunt for easter eggs with her classmates in our church play ground i was taken back to 1996 when garrett was 3.5 and 1998 when natalie was 3.5 they were hunting for easter eggs in the SAME place emma lael was now hunting for was surreal....a tear or two fall down my cheek tears of joy recalling my two other babies hunting for easter eggs...garrett will be 19 in less than a month natalie will be 16 in 4 months....i have learned is to cherish the small moments....easter...Christmas...birthday are all very special but all the seconds between are worthy of remembering.... thank you God for that little time in the church play area today watching my baby hunt for easter eggs...remembering garrett & natalie when they were seems as if it was yesterday but then i look at them both realizing it was quit a while ago...thank you God for garrett, natalie & emma lael...what a lucky mom i am!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

emma lael loves to play outside...she and i are a perfect pair....i love being outside...yesterday while i was doing some work in my herb garden she started to pull a limb on the flowering tree and she said "mama it is snowing" her hair was filled with tiny white petals and the ground was covered....just wanted to share some cute picture of my girl.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

augusta watch out (yes, i know it is men only maybe by the time she is a pro golfer ladies will be welcome) her daddy loves golf and guess is golf would work out better, just sayin ;0)