Thursday, April 28, 2011


last night we had tornado's, thunderstorms and winds at unbelievable speed....we spent awhile in our closet (we don't have a basement) with a flash light....a very scared 15 year old sitting next to me while i was holding emma lael...praying and asking God to please protect us....He did protect us i am very thankful....i am sad to hear about all the devastation and the lives that were lost in GA and AL. it is such a helpless feeling to sit in your closet knowing there is NOTHING you can do to protect your children from the weather outside...i did have peace knowing that God would be with us not matter what the reminded me that we need to be ready for what life throws are prayer today is that everyone will know Jesus and give there lives to Him forever...after all, i image those who died in this horrible storm didn't think when they woke up yesterday that it would be the last day they'd spend on earth.


  1. I can't even imagine how scary that was. So thankful you are safe.

  2. So glad that you are safe and sound. Knowing so many people in both GA and AL it was hard not knowing. Praying for all those affected in the south.