Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Emma Lael enjoyed her first Easter egg hunt today...she wasn't sure what to do at first...i told her to look for the eggs then put them in her basket....she collected 2 egg and she was thrilled with the 2 eggs she found...two girls in her class, lily kate & eleanor (adopted when they were infants from china) have became good friends to emma lael...we have enjoyed getting to know them....all 3 girls will be together next year in 4 year old pre school! i can't wait to see her face on Sunday when she gets her easter basket....kinda hard to buy things for a basket when you know your child doesn't like candy....she loves opening the eggs looking at the prize/candy then closing it again...gotta love a girl who loves simplicity.

a flash i watched emma lael hunt for easter eggs with her classmates in our church play ground i was taken back to 1996 when garrett was 3.5 and 1998 when natalie was 3.5 they were hunting for easter eggs in the SAME place emma lael was now hunting for was surreal....a tear or two fall down my cheek tears of joy recalling my two other babies hunting for easter eggs...garrett will be 19 in less than a month natalie will be 16 in 4 months....i have learned is to cherish the small moments....easter...Christmas...birthday are all very special but all the seconds between are worthy of remembering.... thank you God for that little time in the church play area today watching my baby hunt for easter eggs...remembering garrett & natalie when they were seems as if it was yesterday but then i look at them both realizing it was quit a while ago...thank you God for garrett, natalie & emma lael...what a lucky mom i am!

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