Friday, January 28, 2011


emma lael & bella were adopted a couple months apart...i got to know jody (bella's mom) during the adoption process...we finally were able to meet a couple weeks ago at a volleyball tournament that the girls big sisters played in...IMMEDIATE was was as if they knew each is possible at 3 years old they knew they were from china? could they tell they looked similar? they chatted using "chinglish" as if they'd known each other forever... i have no idea what they thought i do know they had FUN playing together...running...holding hands...smiling and laughing....God was smiling down on these precious little longer orphans now sisters...daughters...cousins...grandchildren...friends most of all LOVED and very much was a time i will never forget.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

School day

School day is a BIG day...emma lael loves to go to school...she wanted 2 clips in her hair today so she could look like ruby Oh My Gosh! she asked if sisco could have pigtails i had to explain to her sisco doesn't have enough hair for a pigtails...i believe she was disappointed with that explanation....i know she will ask me again if sisco can have pigtails.

New Day Foster Home

Most of you know that New Day is the foster home Emma Lael spent 3 year of her life...we have a very special place in our hearts for New Day...if you ever want to make a difference in a child's life donate to New Day your money will be well spent...if interested please go to the link shown on the t-shirt...New Day has several areas you can donate to you can sponsors a child...donate toward the "milk money" the monies raised for this will help feed the babies & children good can send money for New Day to use as they wish that is what Kent & I do...i know without any doubt that our money is used for exactly where the need is the greatest at New Day....check out the site.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You Ganlu

Thank you so much for the gifts for emma lael...your so sweet to think of emma lael...we miss you!
We LOVE you Ganlu

A Girl and her Dog

we have all heard about a Boy and his Dog...i am here to tell you my sweet little emma lael isn't a boy but she loves her brown fluffy ruby...we took ruby to the groomer yesterday and the groomer was triming a poodle with the BIG fluffy ball on the top of it's head and long silky ears...emma lael said "mama puppy pigtails" i told her that they weren't pigtails that was the puppies ears...she gave me the deer in the headlight look...when we picked up ruby the groomer put two bows in ruby's hair above her ears...emma lael clapped her hands in excitement when she saw ruby she said "mama ruby pigtails"...she was so happy she said "ruby you pigtails like emma lael" "ruby you pretty" after this being said 100 times (i am not kidding) i was convinced this was the happiest day in her life...she was thrilled that her very best friend had pigtails...emma lael pretends she is a dog quit often...for example when i give her a vitamin in the a.m. she will sit down and dance (like ruby does when she gets a treat) she spins around on her knees anxiously awaiting her vitamin...photographed emma lael peeing like a dog...scratching with her leg held high like a dog and other silly dog poses...we have so much fun laughing at emma lael she is very silly and as i have said 1000 times very HAPPY.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Clowns & Circus

today at pre-school emma lael made a hat & LARGE tie to wear...they had fun leaning about the circus and how the clowns make people and sisco wanted to join the fun of wearing the hat....ruby her head was to small so she just posed for a photo with emma lael.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Big Brother, Sister and George

fun at the "castle park"...emma lael LOVES curious is the only show she will even consider watching on t.v....she has NO interest in t.v. except when curious george comes on...bah bah bought her a curious george stuffed animal...she has taken george with her every place we've gone since george became the newest sisler family member...garrett is home from college.... another HUGE treat she loves when he comes home...natalie & garrett took turns hiding curious george in various places around the castle park...emma lael would search for him all over the park...when she spotted george she was so proud of herself...garrett & natalie are wonderful with her...makes my heart smile...garrett "gaga" hung on the swing just like george did...emma lael had fun catching george when he'd slide down the had by all.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Eeyore & Emma Lael

Emma Lael was chosen to bring home Eeyore from her pre-school class. She has been taking very good care of Eeyore. Emma Lael took Eeyore for a ride in her jeep, he liked it very much. Emma Lael was teaching Eeyore his ABC's he is very smart ;) The weekend will be filled with many fun adventures with Eeyore....stayed tuned.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

re-adoption DONE!

this morning we had emma lael re-adoption finalized in fayette county court....the judge was such a sweet man...he gave emma lael an stuffed panda bear said this was the best part of his job to see families adopt children...made my heart smile ;)....she will now have an american birth certificate aka certification of birth abroad...what is basically means is we can get her american passport and things will be much easier now that she will have an american birth certificate...we are DONE with all the adoption hoops to jump through....thank you Jesus for this process going to so very smooth.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Volleyball weekend

I want to give my precious little angel Emma Lael an award...she spent 3 days at volleyball tournament...watching her big sister Nattie play volleyball. This is the first of several volleyball weekends. I knew she would be good but she was beyond good she was Excellent. Thank you Jesus for Emma Lael's patience and her easy going personality. I am so proud of her. She has a fan club of 16 year old volleyball players...Nattie's team mates embraced Emma Lael with love.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed in

Here we sit day 2...snow day #2 for Natalie and Emma Lael....kent's office/ warehouse closed...first time he has ever closed his office/warehouse...we have ICE every place... I-75 is a skating rink...I-285 has several ramps closed as well as cars and semi trucks stranded on the road...I-20 east and west are closed...atlanta has 3.5 million people and the city has maybe 100 snow plows and ice trucks...that is a problem when weather like this the high will be 29 and tonight 16 report says it won't be above 32 until Friday or has stopped sleeting...we now pray for sunshine and warmer temperatures...we are having fun...kent says he is going stir is as if we are living in the dark ages... it is 2011 isn't it??? The local news is saying that atlanta could be closed down a couple more days... Garrett is away at college in the north Georgia mountains...they have 8" of snow....classes closed again today...he said they are having so much fun...snowball fights brigade against brigade and company against company... he said his buddy took his jeep out and they had to push it a mile or so DAH the road is a ice rink driving on the road isn't a good idea...we will spend more time outside today playing in the ice ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

ReDnEcK's in the S N O W

you might be a redneck if you put your child in a gatorade cooler and use it as a sledding device...i must say i am not from the south...born and raised in Michigan a true northern...but i do love living in the south wouldn't have it any other way... when my country husband bring out a gatorade cooler to put emma lael in he IS a ReDnEcK and he loves every minute of it...what about the cameo outfit ENOUGH already...we call him the metro sexual hunter...he has gone crazy with the cameo and hunting this longer a golfers widow have changed to a hunters widow ;)
we intended to make a snowman but the snow is wet not the good fluffy snow you can make snowmen with ;( garrett just called from college... located in the GA mountains... he said they are having brigade snowballs fights they have 8" of fluffy snow...great for making snowballs and snowmen...i bet the cadets aren't making snowmen maybe the civilian students are making snowmen...GET OUTSIDE and enjoy the snow have FUN enjoying this snowy day with your family & friends...we will be out several more times today...snow has stopped falling now it is sleeting YUCK...nattie is hoping tomorrow will be a SNOW DAY...something fun about snow days...great days for warm chili and corn bread and being lazy around the house.