Monday, January 10, 2011

ReDnEcK's in the S N O W

you might be a redneck if you put your child in a gatorade cooler and use it as a sledding device...i must say i am not from the south...born and raised in Michigan a true northern...but i do love living in the south wouldn't have it any other way... when my country husband bring out a gatorade cooler to put emma lael in he IS a ReDnEcK and he loves every minute of it...what about the cameo outfit ENOUGH already...we call him the metro sexual hunter...he has gone crazy with the cameo and hunting this longer a golfers widow have changed to a hunters widow ;)
we intended to make a snowman but the snow is wet not the good fluffy snow you can make snowmen with ;( garrett just called from college... located in the GA mountains... he said they are having brigade snowballs fights they have 8" of fluffy snow...great for making snowballs and snowmen...i bet the cadets aren't making snowmen maybe the civilian students are making snowmen...GET OUTSIDE and enjoy the snow have FUN enjoying this snowy day with your family & friends...we will be out several more times today...snow has stopped falling now it is sleeting YUCK...nattie is hoping tomorrow will be a SNOW DAY...something fun about snow days...great days for warm chili and corn bread and being lazy around the house.


  1. Might be redneck, but that sure looks mighty fun!

  2. When we have snow days here in Texas, we pull out all kind of redneck tricks. LOL! It's not supposed to snow down here, so how on earth are we supposed to have all the cool stuff?!?! :)