Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life is good

Emma Lael update....she is doing super...we are all doing FANTASTIC ;) we have been home 3 months now..seems like 3 years...I was in the grocery line a couple weeks ago a lady ask me when did we "get" her i replied "when she was born" as soon as I said that the cashier who knows me well said "Andrea you just came back in October" she was my mind she has been with us forever...I then told the lady our entire adoption story...I have found myself telling anyone who will listen about our adoption and all the orphans on the world. I am now working for Lifeline Children's Service's...I am an advocate for the orphans...Amy Hart and I have teamed up we began in November having a informational meetings at our houses. Our prayer is that God brings those who He has placed a desire to allow us to asset Him in finding forever homes for orphans. If you have seen the "life is good" attire that is how I feel "LIFE IS GOOD"
Kent and the kids got me an iPad for Christmas.... I am still learning how to type on this very sensitive screen i spend more time back spacing to erase something than typing with that said I will end this post has taken me 20 minutes to type this...OMG

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  1. I got an ipad too for Christmas from my mom. I love it!!! I know, how you feel, it seems like Hope has just always been here. Our girls are right where they are supposed to be.