Friday, January 28, 2011


emma lael & bella were adopted a couple months apart...i got to know jody (bella's mom) during the adoption process...we finally were able to meet a couple weeks ago at a volleyball tournament that the girls big sisters played in...IMMEDIATE was was as if they knew each is possible at 3 years old they knew they were from china? could they tell they looked similar? they chatted using "chinglish" as if they'd known each other forever... i have no idea what they thought i do know they had FUN playing together...running...holding hands...smiling and laughing....God was smiling down on these precious little longer orphans now sisters...daughters...cousins...grandchildren...friends most of all LOVED and very much was a time i will never forget.


  1. Love the new pictures!
    She's a happy girl - and it's reflected back into the eyes of your family too!

  2. They look so precious together. You can tell by looking at their faces that they like eachother. Emma's smile just melts my heart. What a lucky Mommy you are to have this precious girl. Blessings

  3. how SWEET!! I love this post and that the girls spoke "Chinglish" to eachother. You captured some amazing photos of the moment. How absolutely PRECIOUS! What a gift that they connected to one another so quickly. ADORABLE!!!!! :)