Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Emma Lael started pre-school today...we have talked about this for a couple weeks now...she's watched curious George go to school on t.v. today was her big day...she woke up asking about her back pack ready to go to school like nattie....she walked in school very comfortable...i image she'll take over the classroom very shortly...when we arrived at school her teacher showed her were to put her coat & back pack...her name was displayed with the other kids above her peg...when i picked her up she was her "chatty" self telling me all about school...thank you God for answering my prayers that she'd do well today at pre-school...i love her so very much! today was p.j. day and of course she wanted pig tails for her first day of school. enjoy the pictures.


  1. She is precious and I'm sure she will succeed at school. My granddaughter, from Hunan,just started preschool also. Looking forward to hearing more about her days. Blessings

  2. She looks like a natural!!