Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Girl and her Dog

we have all heard about a Boy and his Dog...i am here to tell you my sweet little emma lael isn't a boy but she loves her brown fluffy ruby...we took ruby to the groomer yesterday and the groomer was triming a poodle with the BIG fluffy ball on the top of it's head and long silky ears...emma lael said "mama puppy pigtails" i told her that they weren't pigtails that was the puppies ears...she gave me the deer in the headlight look...when we picked up ruby the groomer put two bows in ruby's hair above her ears...emma lael clapped her hands in excitement when she saw ruby she said "mama ruby pigtails"...she was so happy she said "ruby you pigtails like emma lael" "ruby you pretty" after this being said 100 times (i am not kidding) i was convinced this was the happiest day in her life...she was thrilled that her very best friend had pigtails...emma lael pretends she is a dog quit often...for example when i give her a vitamin in the a.m. she will sit down and dance (like ruby does when she gets a treat) she spins around on her knees anxiously awaiting her vitamin...photographed emma lael peeing like a dog...scratching with her leg held high like a dog and other silly dog poses...we have so much fun laughing at emma lael she is very silly and as i have said 1000 times very HAPPY.

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  1. oh my word, that is just the cutest!! Emma Lael sounds SO much like Khloe... you'd think they both grew up together at NewDay or soemthing! ;)