Sunday, April 24, 2011

New life

we have several bird houses around our yard....emma lael and i have found several babies all "snuggled" inside our bird houses...we have the "Church family" they are in the church bird house and the "Cottage bird family" they are in the cottage bird house...we sit in our chairs and watch the mommy bird bring food to her babies...they babies are "LOUD MAMA" emma lael will say...i explain to her that mommies feed babies so they will grow up and be strong....i feed her yogurt in the evening....i hold her close and feed her yogurt....i love this time with her....we went on a bird watch today she had her back pack on and she said "mama i am looking high in the sky for birds" she sees everything in FULL color that is the best way i can describe how she see things....this weekend we found a turtle, snake, frog (in our pool) and a lizard...garrett asked her if she wanted to touch the snake she said "no, thank you emma lael okay" i love this girl!

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