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Monday, May 3, 2010

Faith is a fire in your heart

we've been asked several times "Why are you adopting at your age?" my response has been "WHY NOT"...for those of you who know me you know that music is a tool that really speaks to my heart & soul...the song "give me your eyes" by brandon heath the verse from this song says it all for me.
i hope those of you who are still asking yourselves why are they adopting this will give you a glimpse what's inside my heart...my heart is on fire for orphanages in this world...if we can give one orphanage a loving christian home we will of made a difference...i'm not suggesting that everyone needs or should adopt but for us this has been a journey of many years...talks between kent & i since the day we were married in 1990...we had no idea we'd be 46 & 47 when we ended up adopting but we've always considered adoption.

God believes we're ready that's all we need to know.

give me your eyes for just one second
give me your eyes so i can see
everything that i keep missing
give me your love for humanity
give me your arms for the broken hearted
the ones that are far beyond my reach
give me your heart
for the one's forgotten
give your eyes so i can see

this is it...i will no longer post on "WHY" i will only post on bringing emma lael home and the journey that lies ahead for the sisler family.


  1. I am the SAME exact way about music! In fact, this is the song that was released right around the time I felt called to adopt and that was and is the prayer of my heart...that I would see the people of this world with HIS eyes...thanks for the post:) Thinking about you this exciting month---Love, Jennifer

  2. Ask them to show you a Bible verse that you shouldn't :)

    Tell them you have alot of love, and you want to share that love with one who may never have known the love of a mom, dad, family.
    Tell them that being a parent is wonderful, and you are excited to experience it again.

    I used to laugh when people asked us that. :)
    Now when I hear other people say those kind of things, I can say...because it is SO worth it. Even though my young ones are 11 & 14. My older ones are 29, 30, 31. Adopting as an 'older parent' was the best thing I have ever done, and taught me so much!