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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Day Foster Home Rocks!

i found out last night that we will begin to skype once a week with emma lael...can you believe that???? i'm still in shock with this news...this means she'll be able to become familiar with us during the next 5 months before we travel to China to bring her home...a new video is on the new day blog site of emma lael she is so cute...to hear her voice...to see her in action is priceless.

we are now waiting on 2 documents PA (pre-approval) & LID (log in date) from the day we are logged in we will travel in 5-6 month that takes us to october/november time line...it's been 8 months since we began so 5-6 months will fly by.

kent comes home from work at night and he will ask "what did my baby doing today"

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