Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving at our home is laid fancy dress attire sweat pants & jean are okay with us...use our normal dishes we use all the other days of the year...we lounge around most of the time family member to wish them a happy thanksgiving...if you can picture martha stewart thanksgiving go to the other end of the thought spectrum that's our thanksgiving ;)...we love it!
bah bah and emma lael started out the morning like they do every weekend reading the newspaper...emma lael had fun riding the 4 wheeler with gaga & nattie...pushing her stroller down the street (like we do every single day)at the dinner table she noticed immediately she didn't have her kiddy plastic plate she was all smiles pointing at her plate then pointing at my plate...she tried everything we served her and she ate it all...i think she liked her first thanksgiving or at least i hope so.
i wanted to get a photo of all 5 of us since i've not gotten one photo of all 5 of us since emma lael has joined our family...her are the reason's we don't have a family snap shot yet...kent hasn't taken a shower all day...garrett just shaved his head BALD natalie is having a bad hair day...happy thanksgiving to everyone love the sisler's

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