Wednesday, November 17, 2010

emma lael enjoying the outdoors...this is a daily ritual spending as much time outside play...her other big highlight is doing to pick up nattie at school...FINALLY i got a picture of her mouth open talking...talking...talking and talking...i tell you she is the most verbal 3 year old i have ever been around in my entire attempt to open up the gate...main obstacle she is just about the same height at the gate handle is she never was able to open it...but she get's a A+ for trying...she played in the leaves was windy outside and i'd say "it is windy" she'd say "it is windeeng".


  1. Cute pics... a regular little 'Chatty Patty' on your hands. I remember how talkative she was... oh how I would love to hear her high little voice again, this time jabbering in "Chinglish" !!! ;)

  2. Hi,
    I am also a New Day mama. Our Sarah is 3 1/2 and also talks nonstop!! She always has a ton to say. :)
    After 4 boys, I wasn't really prepared for my little chatty girl! She's amazing. :)

    Such sweet pictures of Emma Lael. I'm sure she keeps you hopping!