Friday, November 26, 2010

reddi wip

we've tried several "sweets" cream...frozen yogurt... emma lael will have nothing to do with any of it...i thought it would be fun to play with the reddi wip ..isquirted some in natalie's mouth...thinking emma lael would want some also..NO way...she wanted no part of it...natalie put reddi wip on her nose and on emma lael's nose...after playing around with the reddi wip she never did put any in her mouth to even try it...natalie ate enough for both of them ;)


  1. That is so cute. Our exchange student didn't like sweets when she got here either, but when she left, she packed a suitcase full of them to take home. My goal right now is to get Hope to eat bread.

  2. lol, we have had reddi whip 'fights' in our house too. :) So cute!