Wednesday, November 17, 2010

nattie is going to be jealous

my aunt cindy sent me pink ugg boots today...can you believe it... i am only 3 and nattie is 15 and i have a pair of ugg boot and she doesn't...THANK YOU aunt cindy, uncle kevin, tj & sydney i love my boot :0)
my cousin sydney plays soccer at WKU! Go! Go! Go! WKU!!! thank you sydney for the t-shirt


  1. awhhh...what a NICE gift!! Khloe has some, too... not the slipper style (LOVE THEM), but the regular Ugg boots. She looks so stink'in cute whenever she wears them. Breanna doesn't have the real Uggs yet either, but she can't complain, as the girl has more than enough footwear to accomodate her teenage wardrobe!! Isn't it fun dressing our little girlies up!?! :)

  2. She is a precious doll:)so glad she is doing so well...can't wait to get our little one home! Meia

  3. How sweet is that little face?! :)