Friday, November 5, 2010

animals & blossom little animal lover...ruby, sisco, frosty & holly are never without "ching ching" (kisses) hundreds of time a day along with nice hugs...some are a bit "rough" get a visual...she takes her tiny hands grasps them around the neck of her favorite furry friend and pulls...YIKES...we are practicing on being gentle...she mostly does this with ruby, frosty & holly...sisco not so much...i guess he's to big...who knows she prefers to lay on top of him...roll over him...lay in his crate with him...walk over him or simply snuggle with him on the floor night night.
when i give emmalael a bath i will tell her the parts of her body...arm...leg...belly etc. my grandma always called our (private area) blossom....yesterday while putting emmalael down for a nap she looked at ruby and said "no ching ching blossom ruby" i about peed my pants i laughed aloud so loud i i startled emmalael...i couldn't believe she put that together...more surprising to me was that she knew ruby had a blossom and she was kissing it...ruby was doing what dogs do "licking her blossom".

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