Monday, November 22, 2010


emmalael is tiny but she isn't tiny enough to ride this very tiny pink car...this is one of her favorite ways of getting around the house...she will say "emmalael driving emmalael car"...we just look at her and laugh ;)

nattie & i took her to the park yesterday she saw geese & ducks for the first time...the geese were a bit nasty to each other hissy and running after one another emmalael wasn't bothered by this poor behavior at all...we were pretending to be sleeping ducks with one leg up and one leg down she was laughing so hard while doing this her laugh is contagious and so LOUD!!!

CHIN ALERT....CHIN ALERT OH MY GOODNESS....the extra 10 chins i have in these photos shows i am almost smiles clearly shows i am 100% the happiest...luckiest mom in the world.

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  1. You and your chin-alert... too funny! ;) You are BEAUTIFUL...that was just a bad angle... it happens to all of us! ;) LOL!!!

    LOVE the photos of the two of you together...positively adorable! She is so lovely and I can hear her laugh from here! Like Emma, Khloe comes with a built-in-megaphone too!! ;) Gotta love it!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your precious girl! I'm so excited to have Khloe home with us this holiday season. God is good!! <><