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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meeting Emma Lael

we met emma lael today...we first saw nai nai bring her in on the back of her bike...she was all smiles...she went to the swing set and nai nai pushed her on the swing...she was laughing the entire time having a ball...then we were told we could come out to the play garden to see her, we were instructed to let her take the lead....as soon as she saw us she RAN WITH HER ARMS WIDE OPEN....she then stopped for a second pointed and said mama....yes, i did cry but a soft cry...she pointed to kent said Bah Bah....natalie said Jie Jie...she knew who we were....you won't believe this but the photo i have posted is the only photo i have from our first time seeing each other....the entire time the video was running and my mom was taking pictures with her camera....we have plenty of photos but not sure how to download her photos yet...will figure that out later....she PERFECT...she is very petite....taller than i thought...L O N G legs and fingers....her hair is black and thicker and longer than i thought....she talks NON stop very chatty....it is obvious she is loved by many here at New Day....grace one of the employees said that emmma lael came up to her grabbed her hand and told her to come meet her mama, bah bah & jie jie....she introduced us to several nannies today...she is truly like a little adult.
we went to preschool with her... the preschool class is very organzied & structed the kids are precious, every single one of them...she is the smallest but appears to hold her own weight for sure...she is precious.
our flights were perfect nothing could of went better thus far....we arrived at new day at 11:30 am, ate lunch... took showers then met emma lael at 3:00 pm... we were with her until 5:00 pm... the plan was to be with her while nai nai was with her but she was so comfortable with us that nai nai left saying "she knows them well"...nai nai came to pick her up and she didn't want to go, she wanted to stay outside and play she told one of the ladies.
THANK YOU everyone for your prayers...i was so prepared for the worst and i'd have to say this was a TEN...the Lords finger prints are all over this entire process....being on her own turf i'm sure makes it a bit easier for her...we still do expect grieving when she's taken from nai nai and her life in china forever....off to bed it's 6:20 pm...we've been up now for 48 hours....we slept a little on the plane but not much ....my mom, natalie & kent are already sleeping.


  1. LOVE it!!! What a gift!!! I cannot wait to read the rest of your days. So sweet!!1
    Hope you were able to rest some.

  2. God is sooo perfect!! I have chills and tears of joy and happiness for all of you:) Many thoughts and prayers are with you all as you continue your journey bringing Emma Lael home! Thanks for taking the time to update us and I can't wait for the next one. Get some rest girl:)

    Luv ya


  3. Oh praise God!!! So excited for you!!!

  4. I am so excited for you all...I couldn't even read what you posted without tears flowing down my cheeks...I'm so glad she will have you all as a family. Can't wait until your next posting. I will keep up with you this way while you are gone. Can't wait for you all to get back home. ENJOY!
    Love you all,

  5. This is great news!!! We are so excited for you guys!!!

  6. What an amazing blessing God provided you and Emma Lael! I'll be praying over the rest of your trip!

  7. Couldn't ask for more!! Wow! God has certainly knit her heart with yours already.

    PTL for the New Day and their foster families. We had a sweet, SWEET experience meeting Evan for the first time.

    Can't wait to continue to follow your journey!

  8. Joy, Joy, Joy, that pic of her running to you - arms wide open!!! How incredibly precious

  9. Dear Sisler Family, With God JOY and tears are possible at the same time! These pictures, stories, music, and thoughts bring me such joy...and tears! Thank you for sharing your journey. And know we will continue to pray for the transition ahead. God's priceless gift....amazing!
    Jamie L

  10. Sisler family, it looks like God has really blessed you guys! She is absolutely adorable and I know that she will love you. We will keep praying for you here at home! Kim D

  11. Oh Andrea...what joy to read through your posts and see that sweet Emma in your arms!! I LOVE what a wonderful first day you had together. NewDay is absolutely amazing, isn't it!?! They will ALWAYS have a piece of our hearts!! Truly a gift to have that time on her turf... she is a hunny and I remember that 'personality' ohhhh SO well!! :)