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Thursday, September 16, 2010

day two with emma lael
life with emma lael at new day is getting even better...first thing this morning we had the privilege of praying with the new day staff...it was so neat to be able to be a part of the morning prayers....nai nai brought emma lael at 9:30 she ran to us and waved "bye bye" to nai nai...nai nai got on her bike and rode home...she LOVES to be outside...she is very active...busy little bee...im going to need my running shoes to keep up with her...nai nai had lunch with us and she answered many of the questions we had about emma lael...she doesn't like cold things to drink...she doesn't like fruit...we've seen her eat and apple & pear so she likes some fruit it seems...during lunch she was using chop sticks it was so fun to watch her tiny hands maneuver those chopsticks....after lunch we had a meeting with her preschool teacher, doctor, nurse and the foster home coordinator...we learned that the birthmark or so i thought on her chest is actually a mole....they adviced we take her to a dermatoligist to assess it fully....good news is that her graft for her heart is the material we hoped it was....we received every single echo...EKG...x-ray the medical records they have on her are priceless.....the nurse said she can remember when emma lael was brought to new day she also said emma lael is very special to her...several people have said to us "emma is my favorite"...she is loved very much...later in the afternoon we went to emma lael's foster home...it was immaculate...spot less....they live on the 6th floor of an apartment complex...nai nai cut up an apple for us and gave us a piece of chinese candy....that's it for today...her favorite person at new day is taking emma lael tonight to hohhot inner mongolia...the train ride is 10.5 hours long...we will meet up with her on saturday...tonight is the night she leaves nai nai and new day forever....pray for her please


  1. I think the expression on Kent's face says it all. She is definitely a Daddy's Girl. I am so happy that things are going so well for you all. You ALL have truly been blessed! Can't wait until the next posting. Sending lots of love and prayers from your Stealth Alloys crew...God Bless you all and Safe Travels...Judy

  2. praying for all of you....hugs, Jennifer

  3. What an amazing trip so far! She is just the cutest little thing. So good to see her with her forever family and transitioning so good :). She fits with you guys so well!

  4. Praying for her heart as she leaves ND and all she has known.

  5. she seems to be your soulmate.....So happy for all of you!!
    ~Pamela Jane

  6. What a treasured time to have had at NewDay... I told ya it was priceless!! ;)

    So glad that she got to be escorted to her home province by someone she was secure with. Such a big transition, but it's clear they have prepared her heart, as has God!! <><