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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

shopping on the island..jordan's is a store owned by jordan (in orange shirt) who is a christian man...very nice store.
jordan of jordan's store

the island reminds me of new orleans..very similar architecture ...the foliage reminds me of savannah, ga...guangzhou is tropical and humid (reminds me of home in the summer) for those of you who traveled to guangzhou during the summer months...i honestly don't know how you endured the heat it is hot now i can't image the summer months.

the island has many statues such as this...none of them were of chinese people they appeared to me to be all foreigners.

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  1. awwwhhhh, JORDAN'S!!! We loved him! He is such a neat Christian man! One of only TWO shops we had the chance to visit. I'm still wishing we'd have taken a taxi from the Garden Hotel on our own... (the other family in our travel group had more trouble with their son, so we had to cut our time there short...if only we'd known sooner how easy it is to take a cab!! Oh well!!) Looks like you are having a great trip and hitting all the hot-spots... you'll be glad you did!!