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Saturday, September 18, 2010

summer palace one of our favorite spots as of yet...we took the dragon boat across the lake to the summer palace climbed up the top and went into the temple...no pictures allowed inside the temple...amazing that this temple was built 1400-1800...intricate painting are beautiful...all hand painted and every piece different...the colors are mostly vibrant hues...blues, greens, gold, yellows...a place i can now check off my personal "bucket list"
this guy i don't like...he is a bit scary...this is the male his claw is on the world...the female her claw in on a baby lion

dragon boat...

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  1. Breanna got sick while we were there, so she and I just hung out in one of the quiet back gardens on a bench, while the boys went off on their own for awhile. Unfortunately, she didn't get better, so we had to cut out time there short. We'd love to go back and really see it someday. It was SUPER crowded the day we were there though, so it was hard to push through the crowds. Glad you had such a nice time!! The pics are great!