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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

local people pick up trash...and plastic to recycle
Wee daddy pushing his littlest angel

visited the inner mongolia museum today...it would be nice if we could of read the signs...we had our photo taken from locals..felt like we were on display at the museum ;)...do you think they thought i was a star??? NOT... we get many different looks...mostly smiles...some frowns...some not so friendly looks...we just smile back to them...when ladies come up to emma lael to talk to her she will take her hand and push them away...this little bit doesn't like people in her personal space...she clearly knows i am ma ma...she comes to me for everything potty...food...to be rocked...God has clearly answered all my prayers and all of you who have been faithfully praying for her...it is honestly like she's been with us since she was born...i was telling jenna today that this experience has been so much better than i could of ever imaged...i'd prepared myself for the worst and God has clearly given us the best...to those of you who haven't traveled yet to bring your children home...PRAY PRAY PRAY...God's heart is the orphans and He will answer your prayers.

is she ADORABLE or what...


  1. Seriously the cutest little bit ever!!! She steals my heart!!! Thank You God for the love your give through New Day! Thank you Lord for this new family!

  2. ADORABLE indeed!! I am SOOOOOOOO with you on the power of PRAYER! God hears and is SO faithful... these children have His heart! It's amazing what faith can do, isn't it!!?!!...even when only a mustard seed at times!

    And you are doing so good setting those boundaries and letting her know that mama is her caregiver from the start. You will not regret it... it will make the days and weeks ahead SO much easier!

    BIG Hugs,
    (and Khloe!!)...she's looking at the pics with me and I can tell she remembers and 'knows' Emma! ...love it! :)