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Sunday, September 26, 2010

nattie' boo boo

emma lael and grammie checking out nattie's boo boo...we bought these goofy socks yesterday so nattie could put on her flip flops and walk...it is much better today...thank God she didn't get an infection in it...here is the funny thing i'm a r.n. and she'd rather grammie or kent put a dressing on her toe...what is that all about...teenagers UGH ;( ..grammie & nattie are out now getting a manicure & pedicure (nattie isn't getting a pedicure)...kent was picked up to go visit a mill he does business with he's been looking forward to seeing the chinese mill... i'm updating the blog while emma lael is taking her nap...we leave guangzhou in 3 days...we take a limo to hong kong (2.5 hour drive)..spend the night...fly back seoul korea (5 hour flight) than our long flight 13.5 hours to atlanta arrive home oct. 1...i miss garrett very much and our dogs...i have a great neighbor who has been caring for our dogs and house sitting...garrett he is fine he's in college doing the college thing...i think he does miss us a little bit ;)...when we skype garrett emma lael will run to the computer to talk with him...she really likes garrett...he is always doing something silly that gets her attention...i have a feeling she's going to fall in love with him right away...we went pearl & jade shopping today...so many shops it is overwhelming to me...i'm not a shopper so i was ready to go after 1 hour...tomorrow we go shopping again at a different place...the days get long sometimes so the outings are nice to get out for awhile.

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