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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

went to a market today...they make 100% cashmere items...this man is hand painting the scarfs...they were very pretty.
street life in hohhot..fruit it sold on the street...it all looks so GOOD...we've not eaten any fruit off a street vendor....yesterday we saw a group of men shearing a goat then hang them up to sell...it was HORRIBLE...

POLICE station..funny thing is we've never seen a policeman...the traffic is awful if you ever needed a policeman i'm not sure he/she would ever get to you.

view from our hotel of the park...it is a large park...we've spent plenty of time walking around the park...it has little pods of carnival type rides inside the park...a lake...even a ferris wheel...yesterday emma lael and i rode on the merry-go-round she didn't want to go at first but after we got on it she liked it.

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