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Sunday, September 12, 2010


after teaching sunday school today to the BEST 4th grader on this earth...all the kids from kindergarten to 4th grade prayed for us...kent,natalie & i came into the middle of the group...the kids put their tiny hands on our bodies...i could feel little hands on my knees, legs, arms, back it was so comforting...tim prayed for our family & emma lael...the kids were so quit and respectful during the entire prayer...our virtue word is respect this month and this group of kids showed RESPECT today.

today after church several of our friends gathered in the prayer room to lay hands on kent, natalie & i and pray for us...i could truly feel God's spirit in the room...thank you we LOVE you guys...natalie took the picture.

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  1. We just met you on Sunday and my daughter Anna is in your Sunday School class - what a blessing to meet you and discover you are adopting right as our dear friends are in China doing just the same thing. Blessings to you, and we pray for safe travels and a joyous meeting with your daughter.