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Saturday, September 25, 2010

2 holland dolls "american style"
lily "rock star" and friend...an amazing women who works very hard helping orphans find forever families.

emma lael and kent in the hotel lobby

at the botanical garden...beautiful place and very HUMID today ugh...i think the theme of the garden is love...cupid's...hearts...the word love...wedding bands with faces...kinda strange....i wasn't feeling any love with sweat dripping down my back, legs, forehead...all i wanted was A/C baby A/C... when we were leaving we saw a bride sitting on the side in her wedding gown...poor bride i know she was wishing the weather was cooler for her big day.
guangzhou has been wonderful...very much a western city...pizza hut, mcdonald's...subway...amy told me today it was a sin to eat subway while in china...we've all enjoyed the food...guangzhou is a much busier town than hohhot...we aren't as strange looking to these people...this areas get's all the adoptive families so foreigners aren't something they stop and stare at...no more paparazzi wanting our pictures...emma lael continues to do great...she learns something new each day...she can now catch and throw a ball...she learns a new word everyday...she is beginning to understand what we are saying a bit more...we in turn aren't as good at interpreting what she is saying...i don't think she will have any trouble learning english when we get home...she loves to skype with garrett it is funny she will sit for a couple minutes with alan & amy but she talks non-stop to garrett...i think she is going to love her big brother garrett...she started yesterday to say nattie...she still calls her jie jie when she hears us say "nattie" she will repeat it...not sure if she get's it that nattie is jie jie yet...tomorrow we return to the medical clinic for the children to have their TB tests checked...emma laels looks great no worries for her being exposed to TB...thank you Jesus ;)...then will go shopping at the pearl & jade market i am looking forward to that...we are going to have pearl necklaces made for nattie & emma lael for when they get married one day...pearls being a classic piece of jewerly hopefully they will wear them on their wedding days...if not no big deal...we've purchased northface jackets can you say CHEAP OMG i felt like i was stealing them...waiting for emma lael to wake up from her nap so we can walk around guangzhou...rebecca our guide tells us that we need to try peanut ice cream she says it is really yummy...will let you know how it taste

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