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Sunday, September 12, 2010


september 14:
depart atlanta 12:30 am
arrive seoul korea 4:15 am

depart seoul korea 8:10 am
arrive beijing 9:15 am

MEET emma lael today
stay at new day with emma lael getting to know her on her "own turf"...we will tour beijing friday september 17...

depart september 18 beijing 10:55 am
arrive hohhot inner mongolia 12:00 pm

stay in hohhot inner mongolia until september 24..."gotcha day" is september 18

depart hohhot (don't have tickets yet our guide in hohhot has these)
arrive GZ

stay in GZ until september 30

depart september 30 GZ
arrive hong kong...taking a van or train from GZ to hong kong..spend the night in hong kong...

depart october 1 hong kong 12:25 pm
arrive seoul 5:00 pm

depart seoul 6:20 pm
arrive october 1 atlanta 6:50 pm HOME SWEET HOME give garrett a big hug & kiss...i will miss him so much ;0)

we are ready to go get "our girl"... it's been a long year waiting for this day but well worth it...i'd ask that you please PRAY for our safety, no illness, no fear, travel without delay, emma lael to feel safe & begin to bond with us right away (God please),emma lael's foster parents, prayers that emma lael will travel well and do well, God to give us wisdom in how He'd like us to care for emma lael, fellowship with other adoptive families, that kent, natalie, my mom & i SEE God's wonderful works, our eyes be open to see God in everything, enjoy the beauty that china has to offer knowing God made it all...thank you to each of you who have supported us and encouraged us this past year.