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Thursday, September 16, 2010

jamison is now on the shared list...he is in the "red" shirt...he sits next to emma lael in preschool..this little boy is 100% honey...he always has a smile on his face...he loves to be held..i think he has a crush on my girl :)...if you know of anyone who has DTC this little boy is precious...he is 100% BOY!!!


  1. Oh how I WISH!! Dawson just loves Jamison, and was so bummed that we did not get to meet him when we were there. He is a HUNNY!! Praying for just the right family to come his way.

  2. Andrea,
    Little did you know that on THE day you posted this post, I found out from Janell that he was back on the shared list (after being locked for three weeks). And on the following Monday, after spending the weekend on our knees before God, we requested to have his file locked on our behalf. That day Janell would email me your pictures and what you said about him. We received our PA on the 30th and are paperchasing like mad to get to him quickly. Thank you for sharing ~ what a blessing it was to have super recent information about him!
    Looks like we'll have to get our kiddos together after we get home...