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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the day in DIET of emma lael...noodles...noodles...noodles and some more NOODLES...she has eaten some pork, chicken, fruit she loves yogurt also...we generally eat in teh room for lunch she eats ramen noodles i brought from home she loves them...she can eat one entire packet and drinks all the broth...i still don't know how she eats as much as she does.
we took her to the hotel pool today...they have a very nice kiddy pool...she played with her stacking cups from the bathtub...kicked her feet and then she grabbed a towel (small towel) she began to push on it...pull on it...drag it in the water...then she took it out of the water and began to wring it out...i think she was washing the towel...not sure but maybe she's seen nai nai wash her clothes that way.
ms. tutu

she is gesturing with her hands for me to get in the water...i was sitting next to her but she wanted me to go in the pool...in order to get in the water you have to have a bathing cap...i didn't even wear a bathing suit to the pool i had no intentions of getting in the pool...it was a bit chilly for mama


  1. That tutu bathing suit is awesome!!! Gosh is she a cutie.....so glad to hear she is adjusting well. I'm praying, praying Cooper does similarly well!! :)

  2. OMGoodness...does she ever look like the little princess that we ALL KNOW SHE IS in that little tutu...

    TUTU CUTE!! (sorry, just had to! LOL!!)

    I'm seriously loving that new 'do' on her...it is very fitting to little miss Noodles! (Khloe loves them, too!) ...and like you, I have NO idea where they put it all?! ;)

  3. She is so adorable! I have laughed looking at pictures...Ella has almost every outfit and pj's that Emma Lael has on! Even the tutu bathing suit! She and her new weind are going to be two peas in a pod! She is a totaly angel...can't wait for her to get home!