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Sunday, September 26, 2010

emma lael warmed up to grammie a few days ago she now LOVES her...they play and have so much fun together...my mom keeps asking me when we are bringing her to AZ for a visit...it is really neat to see my mom fall for emma lael...she's a great grandmalaying in mama & bah bah's bed...she sleeps in a crib next to our bed...she sleeps a sound 10-11 hours at night...never wakes up...she takes 2 hour naps every day...i can now say "night night" and i put my folded hands near my face and she knows it is time for bed...she gave everyone a kiss last night and said "night night" and put her hands near her face...she is mimicking our english and behavior more and more everyday...we are teaching her a new word everyday...we use it several times...yesterday was nattie she knows calls natalie "jie jie nattie"...today it is bus..she repeats the words quickly we are hoping she is putting the meaning with the words as well.

cutie pie...it is really neat to watch my mom...she keeps saying over and over again these are the most beautiful children...in are group they all look very different but are all so very pretty...range from 15 months to 9 years old...we say emma lael is an old soul...her vocabulary is above a 3 year old...she has no developmental delays...she's gained 1# already maybe she'll hit 25# before to long...i'd like that so all her clothes at home would fit her...12 months fits her best now...she is eating other items besides noodles now...she will watch what i am eating and she'll ask for it...this is good news at first she wouldn't even open her mouth to try something besides noodles...she likes fruit & meat...she doesn't like anything cold i gave her a spoon full of ice cream yesterday she immediately spit it out i guess it was to cold.

she loves this ball...this is her 2nd favorite toy...this is what she plays with at night after her bath,..she will throw it and laugh laugh & laugh it is so cute...she cracks herself up...she is very happy...her patience still amazes me but when she is tired she will whine and cry until she falls asleep if we are out...
we all love her so very much...hard to believe that her birth parents are missing out on such a joyous little girl...i've shown her pictures of ruby, sisco, holly & frostie almost everyday so she will be familiar with them when we get home...she is used to dogs new day has a dog and emma lael loved him...he was a very sweet beagle...i have a feeling emma lael & ruby will be good buddies.


  1. Looks like all is going well. Have fun at the Pearl Markets... they are fun and overwhelming all at the same time. The prices are GREAT!!

    I had to giggle at the 'not so happy' photos in your last post. Reminded me of some of Khloe's 'not so happy' moments. LOL!! ;)

    Looks like you are staying at the Garden from the photo in the lobby. That is where we were. It's a beautiful hotel...just wish it were closer to the island for shopping. But don't hesitate to take a taxi...they are so afforable and worth it! Keep the fun pics coming... it is such a joy to watch Miss Emma bond with your family. She IS a petite little peanut... and a CUTE one at that!! :)

    God bless! <><

  2. I so enjoy reading about your days...her progress, and the love you all share! Praise God for great things he has done! You are the perfect family for this little girl. Can't wait to meet her in PTC!!