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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Medical Exam

medical exam day....emma lael was one of the lucky ones she only had to have 2 shots and a TB test...lily explained to her what was going to happen...she did cry then fell asleep shortly after her shots...me the germ freak felt like i was in a pool of germs in that clinic YUCK...not a godo place for someone like me...the families we were with are super nice people all the children are so beautiful...God has blessed us with a very good group... due to the holiday the clinic was full of natives having medical exams done...the kids medical exams took much longer than normal...all 9 children were very patience....in my option did GREAT...lily & rebecca were so kind they had starbucks deliver us sandwiches and coffee because we weren't able to go get lunch...the exam wasn't very detailed a ding on a piano was the hearing test if your child turned their head towards the piano they passed....emma lael has gained 1 pound since we've had her YEAH she is now 21 #...she eats more than any kid i've ever been with in my life...all the parents had the same comment "i can't believe how much she/he eats"...it is rainy today and not as humid.

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