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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

emma lael is very silly...she cracks herself up...she will start laughing....and we have NO idea wha she is laughing about...she will giggle giggle giggle until we are all giggling...i can see now how she's survived the heart defects she has she is a fighter...God has great plans for this little girl sky is the limit.

when we say "let's go" she immediately gets her shoes & socks and marches to her stroller...when we return to the hotel room she removes her shoes & socks every time...at new day we removed our shoes before proceeding in the foster home...i LOVE this i don't like shoes on in my house either...emma lael will fit in well in her new home...the clothes i brought are all to big....12 months fit her best...i can put my index finger to my thumb around her thigh that is how tiny she is....she has no butt...her back goes straight down to her legs...not even a tiny bump of butt...i bought her 4 pairs of shoes because none of the shoes i bought fit her... she wears a 4.5 infant shoe her foot & ankle are very narrow...gosh, they are so cheap.
she is very independent and she wants to do everything herself...mama sisler boot camp is going fairly well...she does test me often but when she is tired, wants to eat, go potty she wants mama...jenna said today that emma lael may want a ticket back to china in a couple weeks after being at mama sisler boot camp :)...she does listen well after being corrected...her biggest frustration is we don't understand her due to the language...as she learns english i image her frustration will decrease...i've only seen her actually cry with tears once when i took away her sunglasses because she threw them on the floor of the store...she's not done that again since.


  1. I told ya she was a little 'firecracker' !! ;)
    ...and Khloe is, too! This post reminds me so much of her and my own 'mama bootcamp'! LOL! And rest assured, it DOES get easier as the language barrier begins to lift. And it will happen sooner than you may expect. Khloe is speaking so well, and to think we are only going on 4mos home. She is still very 'stuborn' and likes to 'test' me on a pretty regular basis... but she also knows very clearly what 'rules' are and who is in charge. Little stinkers!!! Gotta love that strong spirit... they will be great leaders for the Lord as they grow! And Emma is such a cute little peanut... I am just LOVE'in the photos!! Sending BIG hugs and praying for safe travels on the next leg of your journey to GZ.

    ~ Tanya

  2. p.s.>> And I love that you mentioned how 'joyful' Emma is and how that has played a part in her healing... I think that is SO true! Clearly, "the JOY of the LORD is HER STRENGTH!!!" <><