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Monday, September 6, 2010

thank you Nai Nai

nai nai is emma lael's foster grandma...a gift from God...a true blessing...a treasure...one of a kind...a miracle...this women has done more for emma lael then i can begin to express in this post...i've written nai nai a letter in hopes to express my gratitude for all she's given emma lael and our family...yes, our family the love she's given to emma lael is priceless as she learns to trust, bond & attach to us...thank you nai nai doesn't even come close to what my heart feels for this women...only 9 more days until i meet emma lael and the wonderful women who has loved, cared, nurtured, adored my daughter until i could...thank you Jesus for nai nai she's an angel in my eyes.

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