Saturday, October 2, 2010

we are HOME

how to go up & down the stairs with help of big brother...she has always been very interested in garrett when we'd skype her...she went to him very quickly...he is so sweet with her.
emma lael and her new friend ruby...they are so cute together...she was a bit reserved at first with ruby & sisco after one day she is fine with them giving them kisses.

ruby & emma lael...our trip home went great...emma lael was a good on the 14 hour flight...she is such a good little girl...when we arrived at the atlanta airport friends & family were waiting for us with the letters E M M was great to be home and see garrett and our friends.

a cookie from barry and she also had a large bunch of colorful balloons...thank you barry


  1. SSOOOOO Good to see you guys at home!!! God is so good! I never get tired of seeing families come home with their children!

  2. Yeah!!! Welcome HOME!! glad to hear the flight went well and that Emma is already settling into her new home with her new furry friends!! ;)

    Now get some rest when you can. Re-entry can be SO brutal!!

    Sending love and Hugs your way!
    ~ Tanya

  3. WOO HOO- home at last!!!! Now.....LIFE! Praying for you all as you adjust!