Sunday, October 17, 2010

visiting garrett at college

emma lael was yelling "gaga come on" of course he couldn't of heard her if he wanted to we were half way across the campus. company "A" marching along with the rest of the NGCSU cadets...garrett is the cadet on the outside right...stone face...garrett took 2nd place in the "not to smile" contest...they showed all the freshman cadets utube funny videos the cadets were not to smile or laugh if you did you were pulled got down to garrett and another kid...garrett said his nose itched and he moved his nose they counted that as a grin so he lost he said or got 2nd place and in garrett's mind 2nd place is losing.

emma lael enjoying one of her favorite things to eat whole wheat bagels...yummy...while waiting to see garrett march by in the parade.

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