Monday, October 18, 2010

keep em stollin!

when we went to new day to adopt emma lael we saw a great need...strollers for the children...please help kent & i raise enough money to purchase 5-7 double strollers for the precious children of new day...we've purchased 7 ourselves to get things started please read below the details if you'd like to help!

for the last year, we have had an item on our needs list that just never really goes away...double strollers. our current double strollers are used nearly every day and are almost as old as NDFH! (ten years!) they are threadbare and broken, and we've patched them together as best we can, but it is time to get new ones. unfortunately we can't replace them in china, as the front/back double strollers model is simply unavailable here. because almost all families only have one child here in china, a double stroller doesn't have a huge market. we sometimes see side-by-side double strollers, but they are too wide for most walkways and are usually not high quality.

well, we finally have a way to meet this need, but we need your help to take advantage of it! the sisler family (that's us ;) ) a family that recently adopted emma lael from new day have a business that requires regular shipping to/from china, and they've offered to put strollers on one of their containers coming to china! that means the international shipping cost will be fully covered! (a very big deal when you consider the size and weight of a single stroller!) all we need is for people to buy a stroller and have it shipped to this family's address in the USA. they will take care of getting them to china.

we would like to get between 12-15 strollers (enabling us to set a few aside for future use.) seven of them have already been sponsored by the sisler family, which means we need 5-7 more to meet our goal!

we want them all to match, so we've selected the graco duoglider LX stroller in the brentwood pattern, and the cheapest online price we have found is through albee baby for $130.00...with no tax and no shipping/handling!

if you would like to sponsor a stroller, please email me at for the shipping address, oh, and the shipping container leaves in 3 weeks, so we need to have these purchased, shipped, and delivered by the end of october! i'll keep you posted on our progress.

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