Saturday, October 30, 2010

one month HOME

hard for me to believe but we've been HOME now 4 is as if she's been with us forever...she continues to amazes us everyday...her little antics are so adorable & goofy..."goofy" describes her personality the grandma ruby nicknamed me goofy ;)when i was a toddler...we've been to all her doctors appointments and the conclusion is she will need one more open heart surgery eventually...for now she is doing very well...she's not to be treated like a "heart baby" fyi: i've not once treated her like a heart baby i let her run, jump, flip & flop like any other 3 year old...she had her first dentist appointment this week...the office takes a picture of every new patient at the office and gives it to the child...emmalael has carried that picture with her just about every place we've been these past couple days...i have garrett (who is now 18) and natalie (who is 15) pictures from the first time they went to the dentist (same dentist) i put all 3 of them on a frig to display...we have one more important appointment to go to that will be december 15 to the pediatric dermatologist...emmalael has a precancerous mole on her chest...we thought it was a birthmark prior to her adoption...i honestly don't have any idea what will be done with it...we will cross that bridge when it comes.

some of emmalael favorites:

she likes to go in our closet and walk around in my size 9.5 shoes (her foot is 4.5" long)a very big difference

she loves to be outside we spent quit a bit of time outside the weather has been so nice which makes it even more fun
ruby, sisco, frosty & holly (our animals)

she talks NON stop the new day staff had told us how much she talks...OMG they were correct...amy says she speaks chinglish...we work on ABC & 123's daily i'd say she has 80% of the ABC memorized.

she loves when garrett comes home from college...he calls her almost every day to talk to her...her excitement goes to the moon when "ga ga" calls to say hello!

okay...after being home 4 weeks now...we've decided or should i be 100% honest and say "I" have decided we are to call her's not like that is a change it is at first we were all calling her emma...that is what she was called at new day...i thought to add lael at first could possibly confuse her...i love the name emmalael the meaning of lael is Belonging to God and with each day i'm with her i can see that she does belong to God...she doesn't belong to us she is God's daughter he has loaned her to did we get so lucky...amy said today that an extraordinary little girl needs an extraordinary name and emmalael it will be.

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