Tuesday, October 26, 2010


dr. ade & amy are two V.V.I.P.VERY VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE..both were instrumental in helping us bring emma lael home...dr. ade reviewed all of her medical files and recommended a wonderful cardiac physician...dr. ade is our ANGEL in scrubs ;)...amy hart met emma lael june 2009 while she and her family were on vacation in china..they visited new day foster home and all just feel in love with one little girl...you guessed it that little girl was emma lael...known at new day foster home at the time as addison... who would of thought that 15 months later we would end up adopting her...God has this planned forever ago...so happy He chose us to be her parents.
i've asked both dr. ade & amy to be emma lael's God parents...i couldn't image two more perfect people...they both hold a very special place in my heart a i LOVE them very much! emma lael loves her aunt amy!

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  1. Oh, that is so neat! I love that they will be her god parents. I remember you telling me about a family that traveled to China on vacation and had visited NewDay and had "Addison's" picture framed on their coffee table. How neat that she is HOME with you and that they will forever remain a part of her precious life! God-breathed EVERY step of the way!! <><